About me

I believe that most of those who, during their life, decide to dedicate themselves to the Holistic Healing (emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual) of the human being, have crossed and experienced on their skin some phases of transformation, sometimes deeply painful, but certainly full of challenges and eventually gratifications.
Since I was a child, I have been gifted with a strong intuition and an accentuated emotional sensitivity together with a sensitivity to the energies transmitted by places, objects and people.
It took me almost 34 years along with many mistakes, to realize that my journey, for this life time, consists in being of service to people who feel the need for healing or to dig deep into the meaning of their life or, more simply, to be heard without judgment.
I am a person with a strong curiosity and I am open to everything that is NEW. I’ve always asked myself an infinite number of questions I have not finished answering to and I guess that these questions will continue to be created and recreated throughout my life. There will always be new answers to investigate and often other questions will arise from the answers. It is the cycle of life or better, the circle of life itself. Sometimes it’s funny to think that the beginning and the end of a circle always touch each other and then they merge into one. In the seed there is already the flower, but to see it, the seed must disappear, or better, dissolve and turn into flower, into a brand-new life. To do this, it is necessary to trust in the power of Life and in the Universe/God that always provides for all our needs. This is the Law of Attraction which also Jesus, along with other Masters, always spoke about.
My approach to healing (and to therapies I apply) cannot be traced back to any religion. I was born into a Catholic Christian family, but in addition to following the Catholic belief, I also practiced Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism for a period of my life.
Personally, I perceive a strong bond with Jesus, but this is not born from the religion I was raised with, but rather from a feeling of inner union with this Great Teacher of Love.
More than a Healer, I like to consider myself a spiritual researcher, always ready for a new adventure, a new journey, a book to explore rather than read.
My personal passions are many and they range from Quantum Physics to NLP, from Neuroscience to Music healing frequencies, from Regressive hypnosis to Herbalism and Feng Shui, from Crystal therapy, Aromatherapy, Colortherapy to Numerology, obviously without forgetting the current therapies I practice: Usui Reiki, Theta Healing, Angel Therapy and Spiritual/Soul counselling.
While I’m writing this short presentation of mine, a sentence echoes from my heart for anyone who will read it by navigating my website:
“There is an infinite and invisible connection in everything, for everything. This connection flows and then dissolves into the Whole we are part of and made of. Separation is an illusion and what we do to the others, in reality, we do it to ourselves. Peace and joy always be with you”.