22*11*2018 Today our adventurous journey begins!

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Hello bright souls! Today is a very powerful day from both an astrological and a numerological point of view.

I am starting right today my first Blog and I feel so excited and joyous!

From now on, I will share with you what I sense as necessary to be channeled for the highest good of all who will read my articles time after time.

I want to tell you today about the Violet Flame.

The Violet Flame is the Sacred Flame that the ascended master Saint Germain makes available to all people. By invoking this Flame it is possible to obtain the development of the following qualities: mercy, compassion, transmutation, deliverance.
When the violet Flame is invoked by a person, it individually wraps each atom of its being and forces the disqualified energy particles due to the mistakes made, to rotate more quickly. The centrifugal force produced causes these particles to be projected into the Violet Flame. When these particles enter into the force of the Violet Flame they obtain a liberation, they are transmuted and return in their original purity. Thus, Master Kuthumi expressed himself in regard to the beneficial action of the Violet Flame.
“If everyone knew how to use the tube of Light and the Violet Flame, and had confidence in this method of self-transformation,
I’m sure the world would be a different place.”

I am telling you more about the Violet Flame, how to use it and how to meditate with it in my next articles.

Keep on following!
Blessings of Light to everyone,
Elizabeth – Harpal Satya Kaur

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